Auction Drafts: Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Firstly, I would just like to say thank you to anyone who took the time to read my 10 Do’s and Don’ts blog. From the bottom over my heart, it meant a whole hell of a lot for it to be received as well as it was. I had that blog written and complete a good six days before when I actually posted it. I had written stuff in the past, but none of it was about Fantasy Football. It was more or less stuff that I found to be funny. It was fun at the time, but life got in the way and it fell to the wayside.

Recently, I was on Xbox getting my ass kicked in Warzone with some friends from high school. We weren’t really talking about anything in particular just your typical bs. When the conversation moved towards Fantasy Football, I had a really good friend of mine convince me that I should start writing again. I hadn’t written anything in well over a year. Until recently, I had been dealing with some health issues. Which were a big part of why I hadn’t gotten back into writing in any capacity. Around October last year, I began dealing with vertigo symptoms, headaches, and just an overall lack of motivation to do much of anything.

I went to four different doctors who all told me I should get an MRI of my head, even if it was precautionary. Naturally, the worst came to mind whenever I was told I needed to get an MRI. I’ll be honest, it took a toll on my mental psyche. It was always at the forefront of my mind. What if, what if it was something serious. I was scared to death that I’m only 28 years old and could have something as serious as a tumor take over my life.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the MRI that I was told to get due to a lack of funds I had at my disposal. So for months, I just sat there waiting to hear if I qualify for the financial assistance program at the hospital I go to. Luckily, I was able to get into the program. I had my MRI a couple of weeks ago, and I am happy to say that everything came back looking normal. The Doctors were extremely happy with the results, as was I. It was a weight taken off my shoulders I can’t fully describe. I don’t think I’ve screamed that loud out of excitement in my entire life. Suffice to say, I am in a much better place than I have been in well over 6 months.

When my friend told me I should get back into writing, it all kinda clicked in my mind. Why haven’t I been doing this the entire time? I let fear take over not only my decisions but also my life. This is no way to live, and it is no way to make informed decisions that affect you on a personal level. It made me realize that I can’t let fear take control of the decisions that I make. After all, not being afraid to fail is the first step on the road to success.

I think this is a good way to not only live your life. I also think it’s a good way to make decisions in Fantasy Football. If you are too afraid to be wrong or to potentially fail, then you’re already losing half the battle. My experience over the last year has led me to that one simple conclusion. Don’t let fear dictate your choices. For all of you that have made it this far, here is a list of players who are currently lower in auction value that I think are worth taking a chance on. In full disclosure, I am using the current values ESPN has set for players, I haven’t made mine just yet. I plan to in the future, however.

Michael Gallup-AAV $6: This is a bit of a homer choice as I am I huge Cowboys fan, but I think it is easily the best value out there right now at the WR position. He is coming off of an 1,100 yard, 6 TD season at the age of 23 years old. He also did that in only 14 games played. I sincerely believe he just might be the most talented WR on that team. That includes my guy Ceedee Lamb too. Go back and watch even just highlights of Gallup from last year, doesn’t have to be full-on game tape. What he can do on the field bursts off the screen. They also have over 150 vacated targets on the team. As Peter Howard would likely agree with, talent dictates who gets vacated targets, not opportunity. Gallup is a special talent, and the Cowboys should have an elite offense yet again this upcoming season. He is being drafted like a fourth option. Go draft him.

Jordan Howard-AAV $4: The case for taking Howard is pretty simple to me. Volume is king in fantasy football, he is in line to potentially get an upwards of 200-250 carries. Not to mention, he will likely get the vast majority of the goal-line work. He’s done nothing but produce for fantasy teams since he’s gotten in the league. He’s never had a season in which he scored less than six touchdowns. He was well on his way to double digit touchdowns last year. In fact, until he got hurt this past year, he had all but taken the starting spot for the Eagles. All the Miles Sanders truthers won’t like reading that. But, Howard was indeed the starter up to his injury last year. Yes, he will be in a timeshare with Breida, but if history is any indication, Breida is more suited for a change of pace role as opposed to having a majority of the workload. At $4, you can’t find a better value at RB, given the type of role I expect Howard to have.

Noah Fant-AAV $2: In fantasy football, you want to be the first to the party. If you’re even a year late on a player, you’ve likely missed the window of opportunity to get said player at a value. I think Fant fits that description to a tee. He had a modestly good rookie season, that saw him go 562 yards and 3 TDs at 14.1 yards a catch. Those stats are nearly identical to the rookie season that George Kittle had. If you took a chance on Kittle in year two, then it paid off in a big way. I think athleticism is a great indicator of future success at the TE position, and Fant has that in droves. Playerprofiler has him at 98th percentile in the 40, 97th in speed, 97th in burst, 96th in agility, and 98th catch radius. It doesn’t get more elite from an athletic standpoint than that. Draft Fant now, and reap the rewards come September.

Gardner Minshew-AAV $0: If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I am a huge Minshew believer this year. It was only right that I get him in this blog at some point. I truly believe some people have a bad impression of him due to the London game last year, he admittedly played horrible in that game. However, his overall production last year is much better than I think people realize. He threw for 3200 yards at a 60% clip, and also had 21 TDs to just 6 INTs. With a nice rushing floor of 344 yards, he was able to do this in just 12 starts. I don’t think it’s likely to keep that type of efficiency in the INT department, but I do think that we see a boost in all the other stats. He’s going to be the guy coming into training camp, and his situation is perfect for fantasy purposes. In Jacksonville, he has an above-average to good group of weapons around him. That defense should also be quite bad this year, which will lead to a lot of shootouts that require him to sling the ball around the field. At cost he is my favorite value at the QB position, you can literally draft him for free. If it doesn’t work out you can pick someone up off the wire.

It’s that simple, don’t be scared to draft Minshew or any of the other players I’ve listed here. Don’t let the fear of failing stop you from finding great values on draft day. It will bother you a lot more to see them hit on someone else’s team, then it will to see them potentially fail on yours, I promise you that. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on some players I am finding to be values in this upcoming season. I wish you nothing but success and good health, hope you have a great day.

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