Cable is Canceled

Well, I haven’t written a blog in over two months, so here you go. What can I complain about today…hmmm. Let me think….Well Today is May 2nd, 2019. And I’m here to tell you, as a society, we are failing. And it’s not from something stupid like global warming…pshhh. Nope, this is about something serious you guys!!

I just had to spend 30 minutes on the phone with directv…30 minutes. You believe that?? All just to cancel the service…I should’ve been able to cancel my cable online like ten years ago…It’s 2019, and we out here acting like it’s the 80s in this bitch. I wish I could snap all cable companies away with the infinity stones.

Like you’re telling me, we can make self driving cars, that take you to and from directv headquarters, but I can’t cancel my cable provider without talking to Carol?? The hell is that??

Not only do you have you talk to someone for a half hour! But you have to deal with them trying to guilt trip you for leaving the cable provider. I already feel bad enough on a daily basis. I don’t need you adding wood to the fire Carol.

I eventually was able to get everything worked out and canceled, but not until I had talked to Carol long enough that time travel got brought up….Moral of the story is, directv sucks.

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