Oklahoma Gun Fever: Still Hot

Well, Oklahoma is about to do it. Were about to show everyone in the world how to time travel…we’re basically gonna be turning back the clock to the wild wild west.

That is kinda the way it’s looking like anyway. And to be honest, I wish I could get a piece of the pie the new governor is getting from this. Not sure who from exactly but he’s no doubt getting a nice payday. So if you aren’t aware…

Even in 2019, we in Oklahoma are on the brink of allowing almost anyone 21 and over to carry a gun without a background check, and they also don’t have to complete any training. What could possibly go wrong???

I have never been more proud to call myself an Oklahoman….truly a remarkable time to be from the 405….We are so dumb that we are literally about to be living an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As the gif shows it has and always will be a hot topic. Mac and Charlie start the episode, in a way in which a lot of Oklahomans no doubt agree with, “We’ve gotta get more guns on the streets.” That is until something happens to them…I wonder how long it’ll take people to switch sides like they do in the episode?

It’s also ironic because if this does come to fruition, it will then make Dennis and Dee at the at the beginning of the same episode, correct as well. “It’s way too easy for anybody to just walk into a store and get a gun.” The parallels are honestly crazy and hilarious and it’s what makes Sunny the best show on tv.

Truly, the irony of living in this state right now is unreal. If we weren’t already there…which is debatable. We sure as hell are about to be at the point that, you should just expect there to be someone around you with a gun at all times. So, what’s the answer to that in this state? Give more people, more guns. And that sucks.

Pictures via google search engine

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