Manny being Manny

He’s just “Manny being Manny” We’ve all heard the saying, it was usually referring to Manny Ramirez. But in this case, it is referring to that of Manny Machado.

Today, Machado decided to more or less end his career. Today, he decided to sign with the San Diego Padres. Yes, he’ll still be one of the best players in the game of baseball. But, he’ll never be the on level he probably could have been, had he signed with a team like the Yankees or Phillies.

Look, I’m not trying to even be mean. I’m just being honest. No one and I mean no one…like seriously…zero people. Nobody!! Who is anybody that knows baseball, will tell you that people pay attention to the Padres, like they do teams such as the Yankees and Phillies.

The Padres aren’t on the same planet as those types of teams, let alone the in same stratosphere. Machado will have a lot of time to count that 300 million. Cause come October, they’ll be sitting around watching baseball just like the rest of us.

Hopefully, Machado enjoys half full stadiums and afternoon games…because he’ll be getting a lot of those. They will hopefully be airing on tbs, which means someone maybe at a doctors office waiting room can catch the game. Cause that’s about the only audience he’s going to have out in California with the Padres.

Unless they somehow pull the quickest turn around of all time this next year. Then it’s going to be a long ass season for Machado. But who am I to blame him? The guy got 300 million without the stress of ever really being expected to compete for a championship…that’s a pretty sweet gig.

Picture via sports illustrated

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