The AAF wasn’t bad…All Things Considered.

I know you never would…but just incase you did miss my OTTW this week. One Thing This Weekend I’m here to double down on what I said in the blog. It basically said to give the Alliance of American football or (AAF) a chance. Which hopefully some people did, because it wasn’t bad…all things considered.

I went into Saturday night fully expecting to see a level of football that wouldn’t be reminiscent of the NFL, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well the teams played. And not to mention the lack of commercials the games had. That couldn’t have been better. Most commercials were just a side screen so it never really seemed like there were even commercials.

And look, it wasn’t anything against the players going into it. I think it was fair to be pessimistic about a brand new start up league. Especially one that started literally a week after the Super Bowl. But like I said, the level of play was pretty high across the board. The only thing that really stood out to me, was how bad the offensive line play was. It was terrible, like really terrible, but that will get better with time.

Besides, If they have hits like the one in the link below, I think the league will be just fine. Because it isn’t everyday you see a player get hit like this…let alone a QB. You couldn’t get away with this hit in the NFL anymore. So I gotta give Mike Bercovici a lot credit, because he didn’t even come out of the game following the hit.

I’ll be back to watch next weekend, hopefully others will be too. After all, from what I read on twitter, the numbers were higher for the AAF games than they were for the OKC and Russell Westbrook vs Houston and James Harden game. Meaning, a lot people are like me…hopelessly addicted to watching football.

Video via highlight heaven

Picture via yardbarker

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