Taco Bell and Grubhub

Unless it’s just something I didn’t know about. Then Grubhub has just recently decided to add Taco Bell to their list of restaurants that it delivers food for. If you aren’t aware what Grubhub is, it’s a food delivery service, that basically let’s you order food around where you live.

You just gotta pay a delivery fee and service fee, then obviously the tip. But trust me when I say, that shit is worth it. Because there is nothing better than Taco Bell delivered to your house.

This type of thing was just a strange fantasy in college, you’d joke around with your friends after probably drinking and smoking too much, then someone would undoubtedly say…”I wish Taco Bell delivered.”

We all had that one friend that said that kinda stuff when they were stoned…if you didn’t, well then you were probably the one saying it.

Look, I love me some Taco Bell. I can’t even lie, I had that shit for lunch. Had it delivered right to my doorstep. So I’m for sure biased but getting my tacos and crunch wrap supreme delivered was lit. So I’m on board with delivery Taco Bell. Make America fatter one Baja Blast at a time.

Picture via Taco Bell

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