Kevin Durant needs to “grow up”

Today is February 7th, which means were getting deeper into the NBA season. And even closer towards NBA free agency. Which if you didn’t know, that’s a pretty big deal. It literally makes or breaks a team. Take for example the last time Kevin Durant left a team during free agency. The Thunder were left with literally nothing. And Warriors got even richer in talent.

That was a pretty big fucking deal. So for anyone to try and minimize the importance of free agency in this day and age in the NBA, is absolutely ridiculous. So for us fans, to see a player doing it, that is even more ludicrous! Well, that’s exactly what Kevin Durant is doing right now.

Is he really surprised that the MEDIA is doing their jobs by asking about free agency??? Earlier in the year, he basically said he was going to go where he could get the most money. So, Yes Kevin, they are going to ask you about free agency. You left the door open with those types of answers. Then not to mention your previous actions with the Thunder….

Then you have the audacity to tell them to grow up??? That is so crazy and delusional, that it is almost scary. Like how could a grown ass person be so oblivious to what is actually going on?? I truthfully don’t get it. I know he won’t ever see this, but even if he did…who gives a fuck. The guy truly might need some help. Cause he’s acting like more of a child than my nephew. And he’s literally a child!!!

Video via KNBR

Picture via google search

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