The NFL Is My Main Chick

So here we are, it’s that time of year again. Me and the NFL are taking a break. It’s not that I want to take a break away from the NFL. Sometimes it’s just needed. Like in every good relationship, the NFL and I have our ups and downs. But for the most part, it’s a good time.

You wouldn’t believe the Sunday’s I’ve spent with the NFL. It can be downright breathtaking at times. But sometimes, the fun just isn’t enough. Sometimes, the pain is just too much. And Sometimes, you just want a ring. So you have to either break up for good or take a break. So for the sake of the relationship, you reluctantly decide to take a break.

Maybe come late July, the NFL will know what it wants. But until then, I’ll have no choice but to go back to MLB. I really don’t want to, MLB is just my side chick after all. I just don’t have a choice in the matter…NBA just isn’t fun anymore. It used to be fun but the last few years it all seems kinda one sided.

MLB is typically a lot of fun, we get along great. I might go as far as to say MLB was my first love. I grew up with MLB, and I know I can always go back when I need to. MLB is always there for me during the grueling summer months. Which could be worse considering we’re always outside. Just depends on how you look at it.

I suppose I could dip my toe into the tinder or bumble game. You know, I could see how that goes. But then again, I’ll probably just get matches like the AAF. Looks pretty good, reminds you a lot of the NFL, but once gameday comes, you quickly realize it’s just not the same…so it’s probably a wham bam thank you ma’am situation. And you’ll probably only see AAF that once, and then you’ll likely never see them again.

So raise your glasses, to the cold bitter winter that had NFL and to the hot months of summer with the MLB. Cause that’s what’s on the horizon, and if it’s like last year, then it’ll be another great year for Red Sox. Hopefully, come August, the NFL And I will be back on track and we can see where our relationship goes. Until then, I’m unfortunately stuck with my side chick MLB.

Pictures via google images

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