Last Minute Super Bowl Predictions

It will come down to the last play.

Tony Romo will predict the game winning play.

Neither quarterback will win MVP.

Tom Brady is going to be photographed in a really awkward moment.

There will be a wardrobe malfunction, but it ironically won’t happen at halftime.

There will be an embarrassing occurrence of some sort during the halftime performance.

We will hear some uncensored swear words.

There will be at least two missed calls that cause a week’s worth of controversy.

There will be a ton of missed calls that go unheralded.

More people will watch the commercials than the game.

A fan of the winning team will try and top Philly, and decide to eat his/her own poop.

So will a fan of the losing team.

At least one insensitive thing will be said about a minority or women, or both.

There will be at least one career ending injury.

At least three players will suffer a CTE causing concussion.

It won’t end in a tie.

Tom Brady will announce his retirement.

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