Stupid or Genius?

If you are from the Oklahoma City area then you know our public transportation is not that great. We make due with what we’ve got, but it’s not that great. Only recently has Oklahoma City gotten a public trolley system for the downtown area. It gives another legitimate way of getting in and out of downtown OKC if you don’t or can’t drive. It is something OKC needed for a long time, so it’s good to see it.

Yes, the trolley system was recently just built, but someone was riding around in it today and they were acting like a seasoned vet…this guy is living on a completely different planet than us.

So is it stupid or genius? This guy made a handle to hold on to, out of a plunger! And clearly doesn’t give a fuck, look at the smirk. This immediately brings few thoughts to my mind.

Is it clean? If thinking logically, it’s gotta be clean. No one in their right mind would bring a dirty ass plunger to use in a public transportation situation like this right??? God, I hope not…then again who brings one to begin with!?

Next, you would also undoubtedly have to the think of the smell if it were dirty. I couldn’t not mention that aspect of it. That thing would literally smell like shit…and that is a whole different animal if it were to be dirty.

The second thing that immediately comes to mind is how long will it take for his arm to get tired? Because his arms are definitely getting tired even if he switches arms.

There’s no shot his arms won’t get tired. Hopefully he doesn’t have to go far because that looks uncomfortably high up, it looks uncomfortable to the point of it it not making it worth it. Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s not that tiring. Maybe, it’s the most genius thing I’ve seen all week…maybe it’s really stupid.

I don’t know, what I do know, is that everyone is going to be looking at the guy with the plunger. And I don’t need that kinda smoke. So what is it??? Is it stupid or genius?

Pictures via Mick Cornett and google search

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