Same Shit Different Year

Here we are again, Super Bowl week. And of course the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. This will be their 9th trip since 2002, and the Patriots still somehow have this crazy persona of an underdog this year. To be honest, that whole narrative is hysterical to me. The fact that anyone expected any other team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl is beyond me.

Like how many times do Tom and Bill have to win? For the past 3 or 4 years, I just go into each postseason expecting the Patriots to be there. And then being ecstatic if they don’t make it.

The Patriots have this very weird way of making you hate their guts. But all while having to respect them for what they do. Because, what football is at its core, is the most team oriented sport, arguably, on the planet. It is nearly impossible to sustain the type of dominance they have achieved over the course of Brady’s career. And yet they do it year in and year out.

So for anyone to say that they are surprised by the Patriots being back, or that they were in anyway an underdog during the playoff run. Well, those statements are absolute lunacy…and I would think those people just haven’t been watching football over the past decade and a half.

Prediction- Patriots 28, Rams 24

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