The Super Bowl: A Gambler’s Paradise

Ah, the time of the year where Winter starts to become Spring in some parts of the world. Where Christmas/The New Year starts to become an afterthought leading into the time of the year where some sports gamblers (including myself) reach the peak time of the year to wager on sporting events. Whether that be when the College Football Bowls, NFL, NCAAB, Soccer, etc., you name it, this is the pinnacle time to gamble.

By all means there will be differing opinions out there in the gambling world, but I would wager that the Super Bowl is probably the biggest sporting event a Sports Book will take action on. Mostly everyone in America will be watching the game somewhere on Super Bowl Sunday. Which leads to not only side friendly wagers, but wagers on just about anything you could imagine. Some will play the “Squares” game, some will bet their friends straight up, and others will take action on just about anything on their respective sports book.

It is ridiculous some of the prop bets are that you can wager on. There are numerous ways to bet the Super Bowl rather than Patriots Moneyline/Rams Moneyline or Pats -2.5/Rams +2.5 (That is the spread at the time of this writing) or even the Over/Under of total points. You can bet on how long the anthem will be sung, whether the coin flip will be Heads or Tails, First player to score a TD, First team to score, Score within 1st 5 min (goes in 5 min increments), correct score of the game, what the first turnover will be, and last but not least (also my personal favorite) what color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach.

Regardless of all of the different side props along with the game prop, the Super Bowl is easily the biggest sporting event in America. It will be easy to spot the numerous degenerate sport gamblers at your respective parties as they will be the ones the most nervous while intently watching what occurs. So happy gambling out there to everyone who puts money down on this game, I will be there with you in spirit watching and praying that things go my way.

Score Prediction for Super Bowl 2019:

Patriots – 31

Rams – 29

I believe the Pats win, but in primetime games when the public $ is so heavy on one side it usually spells doom. As of now (there will surely be a lot more $$ come in) the Pats have an absolutely staggering 78% of public money backing. If that number stays above 70%, watch out this will more than likely be a very close contest. But I’m my mind, betting on TB12 to lose back to back Super Bowls is just not a wise strategy by any means. There’s a reason Brady may just be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, football players of all time. My $ will be on Pats ML and eat a little juice.

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