13 Reasons Why The Eagles Should Sign Kareem Hunt

If you haven’t heard, the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in signing free agent running back, Kareem Hunt in the off-season. Which means, the bird gang can either miss the boat or buy the boat on this one. The gang gets analyzed with every choice they make and this one will be no different. So, I’m here to give you the 13 reasons why The Philadelphia Eagles should bring Kareem Hunts career back to life.

1. Some say he’s a real fighter.

2. Pushes through adversity.

3. Won’t kick you while you’re down.

4. He leads by example.

5. Keeps it 100.

6. Good in high pressure situations.

7. Rocky is his favorite movie.

8. He grew up scared of Cowboys.

9. He listened to Meek Mill once.

10. He Hates Santa.

11. Loves Cheesesteaks.

12. Goes to the shore every summer.

13. Pronounces “water” like “wooder”

It’s not like there is another all pro running back available for the Eagles to sign. The liberty bell would certainly be ringing if there was. The Eagles don’t wanna be stupid here and pass on Hunt. The brilliant fan base that Philadelphia has, wouldn’t let them live it down. The gang could have the storm of the century on their hands, if they poop the bed on this one.

So, if you take all that into account. Then it’s pretty…pretty…pretty…clear. The Eagles should absolutely should sign Kareem Hunt. They would be downright stupid not to.

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