One Thing This Weekend

For this weeks OTTW, Instead of going the typical route of a sports event, like I’m guessing I will most of the time. I’m gonna dig in and say something that might be ordinary to me, yet ridiculous to others…and that is, to do absolutely, positively, nothing.

Without a doubt in my mind, some of the best days are spent doing absolutely nothing. I’ll get lost in reruns of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia for hours while eating way too much Chinese food from Golden Dragon, and then I let the whole day slip me by.

It’s fucking great.

So If you were gonna go to the bar this weekend…cancel. If you were supposed to go to a movie…don’t go. If you were supposed to go on date…save them the heartache. Basically, don’t do anything but be lazy and sit around watching tv. Cause sometimes, you just gotta be a lazy piece of shit. Trust me….I would know.

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