Humble Introductions

January 24th, 2019

Written by: Mike Gebremeskel

As a typical millennial, one of the most common slogans I heard growing up “Just Do It”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you’ve heard of it either, who else hasn’t felt the impact of Nike’s legendary late 1980s campaign that propelled Nike into a new era of athletic apparel dominance with the help of the most dominant athletes of our time (see: Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Wayne Rooney, Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, Ronaldiñho, etc. etc. you get my point).

A simple, yet iconic slogan that encouraged the masses to literally “Just Do It”. No matter the obstacles or difficulties involved, Nike and the greatest athletes of this time still pushed and continue to push on.

As to not continue to grandstand on this idea, I say all this to say that one of my own goals is to start a column and podcast on the things that I am most passionate about (see: sports, music & popular culture). It’s easy to come up with how you might fail or why it might be a daunting task or even that you just aren’t cut out to do it, ALL BEFORE YOU EVEN DO IT. I think the reason that this campaign was so impactful and resonated with our generation was that failing is ok (try, try again), but NOT believing success is possible and NOT daring to try is unacceptable. I’m looking forward to the work we Typical Millenials will be pushing out and where it can go from here, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first step is to get out there and “Just Do It”.

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