Lil Uzi Vert is Dumb

If you been on twitter or instagram recently, then you’ve probably seen Lil uzi vert claim to being done with rap. Or saying that he was going to retire and delete all the music he’s been working on for a over a year. You read that correct, over a YEAR!! He’s been posting stupid stuff like this…

If anyone is stupid enough to believe him in any way shape or form…then I’ve got a plot of land on the moon I’m trying to sell you bruh….

Cause let me tell you right now, in the music business that is a long ass time. Not only is that a long fucking time, but that is a shit load of money to just throw away. No one in their right mind would do anything of the sort. And it is insane he thinks anyone is dumb enough to believe him. I mean shit, the kid is only 24 years old…

This is single handily the worst publicity stunt of all time. And he just keeps trying to pretend it’s real…the only factual thing about him in this situation, is that he’s got the worst publicist in the history of entertainment. Hands down worst, and it’s not even really close.

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