No Bowls During The Bowl

So, CBS rejected a medical marijuana legalization commercial during the Super Bowl. Really?? Well, if you aren’t aware of it, marijuana is coming. Not only is it coming, some might argue it’s already here. I mean shit, it already legal in over half of America. I’d like to think, it’s once stigmatized image, no longer reeks of Cheech and Chong and bong rips. But has since been replaced by that of an average everyday person taking medicine.

But who am I to decide? I am, after all just that average everyday person. I’m not some gigantic company like CBS with huge pockets and endless resources. They legitimately have influence that I could only dream of. So to see a company like CBS, be so fucking hypocritical. It drives me absolutely bananas.

Apparently, CBS has no problem at all with advertisements that have to do with liquor or beer. God knows, there will be 30 of those fucking things during the Super Bowl. “Be responsible while poisoning yourself but don’t you dare smoke the devils lettuce!!” It boggles the mind how hypocritical they are.

It’s not like the ad was about recreational use either. It was about medicinal marijuana….if the Bible Belt wearing Oklahoma population can find the use of marijuana, surely a company with the influence of a CBS could too. They really need to do better.

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