The Sphoon

Look, I’m all for helping the planet. And all for trying to create a better place to live for future generations. And perhaps leaving the place looking better than when we got here. But this, this sphoon thing, is without a doubt one the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever seen in my life.

What it does, is let you attach either the fork or the spoon into the bottom of your phone so you can look at your phone and eat using the same device. Take this for whole value right here when I say, if you use one of these….you are an asshole. No way around it, you’re an asshole. And if I ever saw someone using this in public, I would wonder if they realized they were in public…and then think they were an asshole, it’s just that stupid. Here’s a commercial of people using it, and it’s as ridiculous as I just made it sound.

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