Bruh…It’s Cold AF

There something that I haven’t ever quite understood. And that is why the fuck, do people walk around in the dead of winter in a hoodie and some shorts….And yes, I’m sure, some are doing this due to financial woes and that is something they can not help. Those aren’t the people I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the people who are still walking around with shorts and a hoodie on in 20 degree weather. Even though they have the means not to. If I’m describing you then guess what…you…are…nuts!! Completely and utterly coo coo! Like bruh…it’s cold as fuck outside, what are you doing?

In my opinion, no one in their right mind does this move! If you are embarrassed to look stupid bundled up, I got news for you…staying warm ain’t stupid! Grab a big ass coat, a scarf, and some fucking boots. Whatever it is you gotta do to stay warm. If a person bundled up walked past they either, A. felt bad B. thought you were dumb C. thought you were crazy or D. Went home and wrote a blog post about it.

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