One Thing This Weekend

So I was thinking of ways that I could make my blog more concrete so to speak, on here. So, I want to try and make a weekly blog of some sort. I’m going to keep sporadically writing blogs like I’ve been doing, over god knows what. But what I came up with is, every Friday I’m going post a blog called One Thing This Weekend.

In full transparency, I’m posting this first OTTW today because I just thought of the idea this morning…but after today it’ll be posted on Friday’s.

The One Thing This Weekend I think everyone should do, is about as obvious as saying Donald Trumps hair is fucking terrible. And that’s watch the NFC and AFC Championship games. Two for the price of one. Two birds with one stone. All that jazz. It should be a great day of football on Sunday, so go watch it!!

Now, I don’t know if anyone else does something similar to this, hopefully not. I’m trying to be original in the things I’m writing about. I think starting a weekly post of similar topics is a good idea and I’m gonna roll with it.

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