Netflix stay flexing

Unless you’ve lived under a rock the better part of the last decade. Then you know that Netflix is the king of the streaming platforms. I mean, shit, they have their own saying with “Netflix and chill” that doesn’t even mean Netflix and chill. They are the head of the class and it’s really not even close.

With all that said, Netflix might have just pulled the ultimate flex today. As Netflix wrote a letter to their shareholders, and in that letter it said “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.” Read that quote again…they are so far ahead of their direct competition with platforms like HBO. That they’re more worried about a completely different type of entertainment that takes the users attention away from that of Netflix.

I can’t believe how big of a flex that really is. Like damn, you aren’t even worried about true detective starting up again last week??? You care more about when the new season starts in Fortnite, instead of who will win the Iron Throne??? Damn, that is just some straight up g shit.

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