Soulja Boy is crazy

Soulja boy has been all over the news lately, and he’s been all over Twitter lately. And to be honest, most of it is pretty funny. Like the rant video the other day about Tyga, it was mildly entertaining.

But now, he’s going on radio shows like the Breakfast Club and saying he made Drake. You read that correct. Soulja Boy thinks he made Drake. Arguably the biggest hip hop artist on the planet.

It’s crazy to me that a person could be so sure of themselves when saying the things he was saying in the video. Just cause he used one bar of a song you think you put him on the map or made him in some way????

The song in question, “Miss Me” he is talking about came out way after drake had already gotten into the hip hop world. The dude has three no doubt classic albums. Another 3 great albums that are just not quite as good in my opinion but still better than most rappers. All because he used the line “I said, tell me what’s really going on, drizzy back up in this thing, I’m ready. What’s happening?” he thinks he made him? It was absolutely one the most outlandish and crazy things I’ve read about or seen in a while. And you need to go sit cause it’s obviously too “fugo” in here….

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