I’m a grown up child

I can’t even lie, when I was growing up I thought all the adults around me all had their shit together. Like most, I thought the teachers and other authority figures in my life had this whole “adult” thing figured out. And that when I got older I would be like them and not be so childish. Little did I know, all those people were just faking it and they didn’t really know a damn thing. They were just as clueless as I am now. Which leads me to my point.

I’ve come to a couple of conclusions about myself, that I can’t believe took me this long to figure out. The first, being that my life as a sports fan is in the fucking gutter. It literally couldn’t get worse than it is. I wrote about that in a blog called I wish I hated sports. Go check that out here https://typicalmillennials247.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/i-wish-i-hated-sports/ If you wanna read more about my miserable life in sports fandom.

The second thing that I have fully accepted, is that I’m just a grown up child….Like for real? I’m supposed to be an adult? If it wasn’t for having a job and paying bills, I would still just be a child. I have what one might call a terrible diet. Which, in all honesty is probably worse than a kids. It’s full of junk food all the time and I drink shit like Dr.Pepper and Coke way too much. Not to mention adding alcohol to the mix. My diet is just a complete mess most of the time.

I have a good job, but all I think about at work is damn, I wish I was playing video games or some shit. And believe me when I say, it is extremely easy to pass time doing busy work. I can more than attest to that.

After I do get off of work, the childish part of me really takes over. I will play some video games and watch tv or Netflix. And if I don’t have groceries I’ll probably go get some sort of fast food. I’ll undoubtedly stay up later than I should. Thus making getting up for work the next day a fucking struggle.

Every time I do that I think to myself, why? Well the answer is pretty clear, it’s cause I’m just a grown up child, who will probably never fully grow up.

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