I wish I hated sports

God do I wish I hated sports. As a fan I have never felt the excitement that is your team winning a championship. The Cowboys always let me down. I don’t remember them winning in the 90s. The Thunder traded harden…enough said. And then the Rangers were a strike away…twice. Hating sports would straight up make my life so much easier. Honestly, sports are simultaneously the best and the worst. All while single handily controlling my attention 100% of the year. Cause here we are again…the fucking Patriots are going to AFC championship game. And the Cowboys are out of the playoffs. I wish I could say I’m surprised but anyone with a brain knew that was going to happen. Truth be told, the Cowboys overachieved this year in my opinion.

It is just something us millennials have grown accustomed to. Patriots winning and millennials ruining everything for everyone. It’s just what happens. Every fucking year Touchdown Tom will be back in the AFC title game. And we’ll get blamed for the decline of ticket sales or some other bullshit like that. It’s all a big circle, you can just expect it to happen.

Which by the way, I’m gonna lean right into that joke and say that going to sporting events sucks most of the time. Like the thought of just sitting on my couch watching a game is not only the right choice, it’s the better choice. It sounds 10x better to me these days than actually going to a game.

Not only is that shit expensive, you have to be around thousands of people. Fuck that noise. I used to be all about going to games when I could. But now as I get into my later 20s almost nothing is more enjoyable than doing absolutely nothing. And by nothing, I mean just sitting on the couch watching tv or Netflix.

So to say that I am in a love/hate relationship with sports. Well, that would be about as obvious as saying OJ did it. Hopefully things can turn around for me in the future. But the horizon isn’t looking too sunny at the moment. It’s looking more like a Cricket’s Tale. The Rangers suck, the Warriors ruined basketball, and the Cowboys season ended yesterday. I should drop sports like a bad habit but as we all do, I’ll continue to go back to the cruel mistress that they are. And they will continue slowly sucking the life out of me. Cause at the end of the day, I actually love sports.

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