Hooked on Chronics

To say that Oklahoma has changed over the last six months would be a drastic understatement. The landscape in which we view marijuana has changed so much in the sooner state. And not in just how we view it but how we value it as well. Hell, I never thought I would be writing about weed in Oklahoma.

Outside of just possibly how absurd the laws were. And in full disclosure I think weed can be very beneficial when used properly and in the correct setting. With how much things have changed recently holy shit what a great time to be in Oklahoma for once. With that said…

When you are driving through towns around the state. It is damn near impossible not to see a new dispensary opening or one that is under construction. Some might even argue it’s going to get to the point of being overly saturated. If it isn’t there already. As of January 7th there have been 826 dispensaries approved by the state. 826!!! If there are like 10 weed stores per town. Everyone is just going to be taking money away from each other an no one individuals are really going to make a lot of profit.

Everyone and their dogs want to try and open a dispensary. Which I get, I understand it’s likely to be a huge boom for some some and then the state in general is likely to benefit. Even still, the number of dispensaries opening around the state is crazy. It might sound like I’m trying to belittle the weed industry but I’m not. I’m simply pointing out the fact that our state is damn near hooked on chronics at this point.

And were only really three months into any sort of weed culture. So to see where Oklahoma will be even 5 years from now will be a sight to see. Weed is going to either make or break a lot of people in the sooner state. And I for one, am here for it.

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