Nfl kickers live in the wilderness

Tonight, during the Bears vs Eagles game. America might have just witnessed the demise of the literal and metaphorical careers of Cody Parkey. It’s shit like this that really draws attention to how volatile of a job kicking in the nfl is. One minute, you are a valued member of the team. The next you are getting booed off of soldier field.

It’s a dog eat dog world in the nfl. So if you aren’t up to the challenge someone will take that food right out of your hands. From an outside perspective being an nfl kicker looks a lot like being in the wilderness. One minute things are going pretty well for you. You aren’t reinventing the wheel but you are doing what it takes to get by. Then next thing you know, everything starts to snowball out of control and you are in danger.

Through out the night you manage to get a few small fish, then on the final and most important cast of the night you have the big fish get away only to be picked up by an eagle. You caught three small fish but you feel bad about not getting the big one. Then, on your way home you get attacked by a group of bears cause they can smell fish and disappointment on you.

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