Change up

Not really sure any other way of starting this. So I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m writing on here because I am beyond bored with sitting around doing virtually the same thing every single day of my life. So I decided to change it up and start actually blogging. My grammar will undoubtedly be terrible. And yes, I know it’s cliche as fuck. Not really expecting anyone to read it. But here I am a millennial trying to start a blog…again

The first thing I’m going to rant about is the delusional human being that is Kevin Durant. I know, I’m probably late to the party but holy fuck is this guy delusional to how people view him and why people view him the way they do. He said, people hate him because he’s so “damn good at basketball” I’m just sitting here on my couch like bruh…you can’t be serious. Whatever sauce he’s off I really need try and find some of that. Because he’s speaking nonsense.

Everyone besides apparently Durant himself knows the only reason anyone hates on him is because he went and joined the fucking warriors. Who had just come back to beat okc after the thunder had 3-1 series lead. It was and still is the softest move in sports history. And yeah, he might’ve had things go his way since joining the dark side of the force. And Durant says he doesn’t care what we on the good side think but he clearly does. Otherwise he wouldn’t be getting quoted spewing the type of garbage he has three years after he’s left okc. So in honor Durant of being such a cupcake. I figure I’ll end the my first blog with a link to the song Westbrook by JID

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